What Does Your Fence Say About Your Personality?

fence personalityA property fence reveals a lot about your personal taste and style. Unbeknownst to most homeowners, it also reveals much about their general demeanor. How does your fence correlate to your personality? The fence sitting on your yard or the one you’re contemplating installing may shed some light regarding whether you have an A-type or B-type personality.

Picket Fence

The traditional picket fence, also known as the classic charmer, is an old-time staple in home renovations. Picket fences especially go great with a wooden deck if you want to place a lot of emphasis on outdoor living. This common fence type says that you’re outgoing and friendly. This is especially the case if the fence is accompanied by custom latticework. People of this category may also be more inclined to go with high-end décor, such as sculpted posts or a sculptured gate.

Privacy Fence

A high, full privacy fence says that you are, well, a private person. This also means you lean towards an introverted personality and prefer to keep to yourself. In no way does this mean you’re unfriendly or anything of that nature. It just means you prefer peace and solitude.

Tall Fence

A fence that is tall but with little in the way of vertical posting (e.g. wrought iron fence and some types of semi-private fences) says that you are extroverted and enjoy encountering your neighbor. You’re the type that the entire neighborhood block recognizes by face and name. You can’t help but wave when catching your neighbor mowing the lawn or retrieving the mail.

We’ll Erect a Fence that Fits Your Personality

Call Allied Construction to erect a new fence or refinish an existing one. Our gallery showcases some of our past projects for Snohomish residents. A new fence says a lot about your personality type and general taste for home renovation.

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Is Metal Roof Noise Really Loud?

Metal Roof NoiseMany homeowners are aware of the durability and longevity of metal roofs. However, a common concern is that the metal makes a loud racket especially during heavy rain. Supposedly, all that pinging and clanking can lead to sleepless nights, or drown out the television. Is there any truth to this? Is metal roofing noise really louder than other roofing types?

How Loud Is a Metal Roof?

Rain, hail, branches, acorns, and other material falling on metal does create an audible noise. However, it does not lead to a hair-pulling level of volume that some people believe. Metal roofs are no louder than traditional shingle roofing.

It’s true that thin metal sheets are known for causing a loud reverberation when struck by an object. Modern metal roofing, though, makes up so much more than just the panels. The insulation also doubles as a sound barrier. New metal shingles are also made using a deep-textured fold design, which dulls out the pinging noise metal is known for. The airspace between the roof and attic also helps mask a lot of the noise pollution from outside.

A study by The Acoustic Group at the University of Lulea, Sweden, revealed that the noise emitted from rainfall to metal was only six decibels louder than rainfall to shingle. Humans can only register noise differential of eight decibels or more. Continue Reading →

5 Pathways to a Damaged Deck

damaged deck

Beware, homeowners! You could have a damaged deck without even realizing it. Simple item placement, or actions done around the deck can actually damage the surface. We’ll identify five points that could cause unsightly scratches or staining on a wood or composite deck.

1. Rusty Furniture

Simply leaving patio furniture out is enough to produce a damaged deck. How so? Furniture with metal or cast iron legs can rust. Rust residue can end up on the deck floor and leave behind a stain. This can be easily avoided by placing felt pads on the furniture feet. You can remove existing rust stains with sandpaper on a wooden deck and toilet bowl cleaner on a composite deck.

2. Leaves

Don’t let leaves and other organic debris pile up on the deck. Leaves can also cause stains. Even worse, too many leaves can prevent the moisture on the deck from evaporating, thus inviting mold growth. Continue Reading →

How to Prevent Your Dog from Escaping the Fence

dog escaping the fenceA property fence is especially great for households with pets. This allows you to let your furry family member out of the house while keeping it confined to the property. However, canines can be quite clever escape artists. Luckily, we know of a few fortification measures to prevent your dog from escaping the fence.

1. Minimize Footholds

Footholds are any portions of a fence that your dog may use as a step so it can climb over. In a chain link fence, for example, the woven patterns create the perfect foothold. In a traditional wooden fence, horizontal rails become makeshift footing for crafty canines.

2. Minimize Large Fence Décor

Fences look less like a barrier when they have décor like potted plants, shrubs, stone decorations, etc. However, these may also serve as launch pads for a dog. Keep all décor elements low on the ground and limit them to flowers and ground-covering plants.

3. Minimize the Space Beneath

Larger dogs may scale a fence, whereas smaller and teacup breeds may escape by squeezing under. Spaces underneath the fence panel may increase over time due to shifting soil. Minimize the space and prevent your dog from digging an escape hole by hardscaping the floor beneath the fence. You can also set a few unused deck panels in this spot to dig-proof the area. Continue Reading →

How to Prevent Oil Canning in Your Metal Roofing

oil canningSome metal roof panels may bulge or produce a ripple or wavy-like appearance. The bulge doesn’t compromise the integrity of the material, but it has a very unsightly appearance. All metal panels, including aluminum, zinc, and copper panels are vulnerable to this. This is known as oil canning, and it creates a very unflattering look. Can this be prevented?

What Causes Oil Canning?

Oil canning occurs due to inconsistencies during the manufacturing process. In production facilities, machines use rollers to flatten metal roofing panels into sheets. The rollers may have gaps, resulting in uneven distribution of pressure when the panels are pressed.

Aside from improper manufacturing, oil canning may also be caused by other factors, such as thermal expansion, improper storage, incorrect installation, or shifting of the beams and other support structures. Continue Reading →

3 Home Improvement Resolutions for 2017

Home improvement resolutionsThe countdown to 2017 is past. As always, with a new year come new resolutions. Hopefully that resolutions list of yours includes home renovations. Renewal and remodeling improves your home both on functional and aesthetic levels. Here are three home improvement resolutions to begin 2017 on a positive note.

1. The Roof

Did you experience any issues with the roof in 2016? Perhaps there was a leak, or you noticed a lack of insulation. Maybe you noticed a few shingles looked a bit worn and partially torn. It may be the case that you simply want a new roof for purely aesthetic reasons.

The New Year is the time to address any roof problems and/or improve its function with an addition such as a skylight, a water barrier, or a solar powered-attic fan.

2. The Fence

Spending more time outdoors is a common resolution. You can do that without leaving your home, all while maintaining solitude with a privacy fence. You can also choose to fortify an existing fence. Perhaps you have a cedar fence ravaged by age, weather, and insects. Now is the time to have the panels restored or replaced. You may also feel it’s time for a new color for the panels. Continue Reading →

Creative Christmas Deck Decoration Ideas

Christmas Deck DecorationThe patio provides plenty of space for some eye-catching Christmas deck decorations. We especially recommend decorating the deck if you have a front-facing patio and want your property to be the talk of the neighborhood.

Christmas Deck Decorations for the Patio

Keep the Christmas Tree Outside

Who says you must locate the Christmas tree indoors? Place it right in the corner of the deck. You can also add a few extras, such as small pumpkins or a log stack adjacent to the tree for a winter/harvest look.

If you insist on keeping the tree indoors, then consider a smaller tabletop tree for the patio table. Continue Reading →

Roofing Options for a Beach Home

Roofing Options for a Beach HomeThere are some beautiful coastlines just outside Snohomish County. Of course, being near a body of water also means excess humidity and other issues that can be detrimental to the roof. A roof for a beach home needs to be able to withstand harsh weather elements. In this blog you’ll learn what your roofing options are if you’re fortunate enough to own beachside property.

Metal Roofing

Many people believe metal is vulnerable to humidity. It’s true that too much moisture can cause the panels to corrode. However, this is actually a non-issue thanks to advancements in roofing technology. Most metal roofing today consists of long-standing seam panels coated with a corrosion-proof treatment.

Cedar Roofing

Western red cedar is our personal favorite; it complements nicely with a home close to the coast. Of course, wood is susceptible to rot and plant growth under conditions of high humidity. This can be remedied, though, by using pre-treated cedar. Continue Reading →

Trendy Halloween Deck Decorations

Snohomish homeowners are known for their Halloween spirit. Allied Construction recommends decorating your deck this October to create a ghoulish atmosphere.Halloween is just right around the corner, which means it’s time to break out the cobwebs, plastic mummies, and Styrofoam tombstones. If your deck faces the front of the home or you’re planning a party on the deck, then “spook-ify” your property with these fun Halloween deck decorations.

Halloween Deck Décor Ideas


No Halloween makeover is complete without pumpkins. Sure, you can place a jack-o-lantern on the side of the deck steps. Here’s another idea, though: consider stacking a small pile of pumpkins of various sizes on one corner of the deck. Create a makeshift section using hay and fire logs as a border. Aside from pumpkins, you can also use gourds and Indian corn. This décor is also great for November, so no need to take it down after Halloween.

Halloween Wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. Hang a wreath on the railings or on the fence. A Halloween wreath comes in an assortment of styles. These include a typical wreath painted orange and black, a wreath with a plastic crow resting on top, a wreath covered in cobwebs and spiders, and so on. Continue Reading →

The Benefits of a Garden Fence

Garden FencesMore residents are turning to home gardening. Growing your own non-GMO vegetables is a lot more economical than purchasing organic produce in the stores. Of course, a garden full of delicious vegetables is also an invitation for unwanted wildlife. One way to address this issue is by erecting a garden fence.

Why a Garden Fence?

As suggested in its name, a garden fence encompasses a garden. If you have an existing fence around your property, then a garden fence is essentially a smaller fence system within the larger border fence. This not only makes for a more organized and attractive garden, but also protects your crops from small animals like rodents, rabbits and raccoons, all of which are prevalent in the Snohomish area.

The Best Type of Garden Fence

A garden fence should be treated just like a property fence. In other words, you need to give just as much attention to the quality of the material and how it is installed. With that in mind, we recommend white cedar. This is a durable wood that doesn’t warp or twist like treated wood. When unstained, it eventually fades to a silver grayish color, which gives it a nice rustic appearance. This is a definite plus if you’re shooting for a cottage or old-style look. Continue Reading →